Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thoughts On A Thursday

My friend Miriam writes about her experiences in Iraq as a peacebuilder at her blog, Pearls of Iraq. She seems so discouraged right now. If you get a chance stop by and send her your thoughts and well wishes- let her know others are thinking about her and that she and the people of Iraq are not forgotten. Her work in Iraq is selfless and inspiring.

Pearls of Iraq: Whisper of the Pearl
Shhh! quiet…listen
Whispering from a Pearl...
Speak louder, I can not hear!

“Oww! I whisper loud!
Do not ‘hear’ but listen…listen.

Listen and tell them.
We are here, we are Real.
We feel pain. We feel love.
We feel emotion. We think intelligently.”

Shhh, please be quiet, the pearls are whispering.
Whispers from a Pearl.

“Tell them we want peace.
Tell them about the baby Pearls.
Tell them it is our time to shine.
Please let us to shine!”

I have listened to you, but…
Who are you?

“I am an Iraqi Pearl.”

by Miriam

A couple of quotes below from Wahiduddin's Web courtesy of a link from my friend Sadiq.

"All those who are unhappy in the world are so as a result of their desire for their own happiness. All those who are happy in the world are so as a result of their desire for the happiness of others.

"O, friend! Nobody veils you, but yourself. In your path there is no thorn or weed, but yourself. You said: Shall I reach the Beloved or not? Between you and the Beloved there is nobody, but yourself.
Awhadoddin Kermani

Here's another inspiring and beautiful meditation site, The Way of Delight Meditation Room, also courtesy of Sadiq.

My friend Meredith has just returned from a journey to the East. You can see some beautiful pictures and read about her travels at her site, Graceful Presence.

Shanti Thursday!


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