Thursday, September 13, 2007


“…and then I realized I must be dreaming because she was speaking to me but her lips, her lips were closed and then she smiled as if to say, 'but I am speaking to you', and I heard her say to me,

Once upon now, there is us, being. I will use the word ‘we’ so as not to confuse you… there is only One experiencing a ‘we.’ We are experiencing this being now as we have always experienced being. Our thoughts about our being do not change the fact we are; here, now.

There’s only being. We are not separate individuals; we are One. One with all that is- One with all that can be thought of as past, One with all that can be thought of as the future.

We are all… here, now… being One.

We cannot, not be- here, now. Even in ‘death’ we have gone no where… now here.

Every thought outside of 'One… here, now'- serves to remind us how silly our thinking is. It is fun to think we are separate, to think we are divided, to think there is good and bad. Drama is fun.

There is only Us… One- being.

Not one thing we experience doesn’t serve our awakening to this One- being. Nothing is out of order, nothing needs mending, nothing is not perfect, as it is. We know this now, even if we don’t…and so our being evolves into beautiful soul after beautiful soul until we arrive at a point called; Here, Now... and our being One is fully realized, we know the whole story from now till now of how we dreamed we were two and came home again to our self, to our lover, and we whisper… ‘welcome home.’”


Blogger anonymous julie said...

Your dream, Tommy?

11:17 PM  
Blogger Trev Diesel said...

My God, so simple......

it brings the great horror of separation and death into a peaceful resolve.

namaste (and I mean that quite literally)

9:25 AM  

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