Wednesday, August 22, 2007

In Ireland

River Shannon

Abbey Shrule (f. 1150)

In Parish Milltown

Milltown Flower

Bunratty Castle

Ice Cream

Trinity College, Dublin

Spire of Dublin

The Cliffs of Moher

Family Marker: Milltown


County Westmeath

Bunratty Window
Cliffs of Moher

The Sweetest Face

Near Abbey Shrule

The Burren & Green

Near Milltown

In Dublin

Parish Milltown Cross

Near Milltown

Milltown Neighbor

Country Road near Milltown

Parish Milltown Belltower 1855

Inside Parish Milltown

Mother Mary, Parish Milltown


Blogger Trev Diesel said...

Oh. My. God.

Absolutely stunning, my man. I want some of those in hi-res to put on my largescreen monitor!

My goodness, you captured a nation.

12:55 PM  
Blogger anonymous julie said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

Your pictures bring me there, to that church, to those cliffs, to these faces. Thank you for this journey.

3:42 PM  
Blogger Celeste said...

What Trev said.

Your photos are pro grade.

Jesus looks more Irish there, doesn't he?

It all looks so familiar.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I'd like to ditto Trev too - you really did capture so much. I have relatives in a small rural area outside of Donegel - Ireland is unlike anyplace else.

Have you seen any of the boys in the band yet? If you do give Bono a hug for me.

12:56 AM  
Blogger Ethan said...

What a beautiful place. Thank you for the photo tour.

9:57 PM  

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