Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Each of these special friends I have quoted below have inspired me beyond words. I have learned so much by reading from their sites. I am blessed that our paths crossed. Thank you for simply being you and sharing your journey with me and others.

"All that takes place on the journey is 100% spirit. When will we come to know this in all fullness?"
from Trevor: The Sound of Diesel Musing

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

"I am learning not to worry about clear mind: it is always there. When cloudy thinking comes, behind it is clear mind. When cloudy thinking goes, there is my clear mind. Thinking comes and goes, comes and goes. I am becoming less attached to the coming or the going. It happens."

from Meredith: Graceful Presence

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

"This food is the gift of the whole universe-the Earth, the sky and much hard work. May we live in a way that makes us worthy to receive it. May we transform our unskillful states of mind, especially our greed. May we take only foods that nourish us and prevent illness. We accept this food so that we may realize the path of practice. Many beings are struggling for food today. I pray that they all may have enough to eat."

a blessing by James: The Buddhist Blogger

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

I want to return to innocence.
Everyday onward,

I want to return
to my Original innocence
with which I came to this world .
Let me reach my innocence inch by inch,

Before I reach the day
when I leave my body
and journey to the One and Only
Pure Soul,
Let me live in my original innocence.

Let me unite with my Origin,
the Supreme Soul
in a state of worthyness.

Let my longing for it be blessed.
The purity which was my birth right,

Let me regain that as my life right.
a poem by Sadiq: Inspirations and Creative Thoughts

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

"I just don't understand how because I label myself a God fearing individual, that means I must be republican. I'm sorry but that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. That's all."
from Amy: The Amy Sessions

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

Lava Lamp

I feel mySelf.

not my skin,
but my true self,
my life
within me.

like a jet in a jacuzzi,
or the gel in a lava lamp,
life rises, and falls.

Thoughts bubble and vanish.
And energy risesand falls.

And night comes,
and goes,

As day comes,
and goes.

and the body peaks,
and passes.

What remains?
What was before Time itself.

Not nothing,
not something.

I am This,
I am.

I am That
I am.
from Jon: The Wild Things of God

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

"Personally, I don't have the guts to follow Jesus, so I often settle for being a Christian."
from Rick: A New Life Emerging

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णमह् षिवयह्
Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय


Bobbing and twisting,
In a current to big to know.
We float.
Near, caressing, touching.
Then away.

To private places
where knowledge cannot be shared.
Sculpted and ravaged by,

To be tossed, finally,
to solid ground.
To lie in the coarse, soft sand.
That covers us in time.
from Buford: Lost In Real Life

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

"The bad news... it is very hard to be aware. It is very hard to actually realize that eternity is now. But... it is possible. That's the good news."
from Mark : Eternal Awareness

Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय Oम् णमह् षिवय, Oम् णनह् षिवय

"I don't think God gives a damn about whether we go to church or not, as long as we're faithful to Her image within us."
from Darrell: Blog of The Greatful Bear


Blogger twila said...

Thank you for a very inspirational trip through the blogshere this morning.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Meredith said...

We do have some amazing friends that inspire us and teach us. This fellowship has been truly a blessing to me, too. Thank you, Tommy.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Sadiq said...

Let this brotherhood and sisterhood of souls be blessed.

It was wonderful to see so nice inspirations all together ! Thanks for putting them under one post. It helps finding other longing souls.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Buford said...

To be included in this list is beyond a compliment. Thank you so very much for your faith, insights, and acceptance.

Keep doing and not doing everything you are and are not.

All my love

11:00 AM  
Blogger Gretchen Coleman said...

Isaiah - thanks for this post - some of these sites are on my regular blogosphere travels as well, but I really enjoyed visiting the ones I had not been to.

How is the song coming?

8:57 AM  
Blogger Darrell Grizzle said...

I'm very honored to be included in this list of inspirations.


2:53 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

Me, too.

4:30 PM  
Blogger They call him James Ure said...

I too am honored to be listed here. I must admit though that the prayer is from Thich Nhat Hanh but I am more then pleased to pass it on. You too friend are a dear inspiration.

May all beings be blessed and find peace via your blog.

I love you ALL!!!!!!!

2:57 PM  

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