Tuesday, November 30, 2004

In This Moment

In this moment,
this precious, eternal
twinkling of an eye,
rests all of Heaven
waiting only for you to realize.
If you were meant to be someplace other than
where you are right now, this moment, you would be there now…

Instead, you are here- now.

How simple it all is-
this play of consciousness.
You are the storyteller, pen in hand,
you are the pages waiting to be filled,
you are casting yourself as the main character,
you have written the ending before ever beginning.

The road you are on is the right road.
If it were not, you would be traveling another.
Once you are silent and still and accept being here- now,
you are free to take any road you wish.

Divine Order casts itself as chaos of a bewildering nature to those who choose to look outside of themselves for the answers.

Autumn on the Laurel Creek Trail

Laurel Creek Trail

Monday, November 29, 2004

Skull Creek Sunset

Sunset on Skull Creek Posted by Hello

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sustain Me

A cairn left on the Laurel Creek Posted by Hello

Laurel Creek

Near Hot Springs, NC Posted by Hello

Mountain Weekend

Angels, everywhere
should you see them-
look, how my face quivers,
how the flutter and swaying tree knows.
Beyond a field of translucent sky,
and diamond dotted wave,
beyond the dance of flame-lick;
all embossed where there are Angels.

When you see, inward pulse
quickens, and you may be carried away.

Be silent then-
No one believes like a disbeliever will.


Our weekend was spent in the mountains of North Carolina where we camped in rustic cabins, ate food prepared over a campfire, and walked along the banks of the Laurel Creek near Hot Springs. Nothing compares to the solitude and peace found along Laurel Creek. I strolled the path beside the water in perpetual meditation with the realization my every thought and action is a sacred prayer.

The creek whispers in my ear of things I cannot explain.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

When Shiva Dances

When Shiva dances with arms whirling
I sit in the fields watching the morning sun appear,

When Shiva bends gracefully touching hand to foot
I rise, tending to obligations appearing,

When Shiva arches, with head gazing high
I churn over thoughts while walking homeward,

When Shiva leaps, keeping solemn tempo
I sit in the fields watching the afternoon sun descend,

Morning-rise, from collapsing night
Dream death into dream life
All measures found sufficient
As twilight falls, as radiant day surrenders

What is destroyed but all illusion?


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Zen Song

Song of the whirling Zen- bowl,
great hands stirring light and shadow body,
around and around,

north, south, east, and west

embracing all, centered in stillness,
this timeless turning,
wide sweeps- the wheel spinning,
spokes increasing towards infinity,

reduced to the edge,

how lonely to dream homeward.

Blessed journey, out to in;
inside, where Nirvana sings
sacred whispers, resonating song

of the whirling Zen- bowl.


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