Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here's a Thought-

"Of the many earnest, and how earnest, people we may observe reading, attending lectures, studying and practicing disciplines, devoting their energies to the attainment of a liberation which is by definition unattainable, how many are not striving via the ego-concept which is itself the only barrier between what they think they are and that which they wish to become but always have been and always will be?" Wei Wu Wei

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Liberal vs. Conservative: Our Bleeding Hearts

From Sojourners and SojoMail; a weekly email- zine of spirituality, politics and culture.

"Bleeding-heart liberals could accomplish far more if they reached out to build common cause with bleeding-heart conservatives.

- 'Columnist Nicholas Kristof, in an article titled, Evangelicals a Liberal Can Love. One example he cites: "In parts of Africa where bandits and warlords shoot or rape anything that moves, you often find that the only groups still operating are Doctors Without Borders and religious aid workers: crazy doctors and crazy Christians.'"(Source: The New York Times)

Makes sense to me....

Monday, February 04, 2008

Ordinary moments

"There are no ordinary moments."

This is really a trip. Is this art or an exercise in reality (is there a difference between the two)?

How many thought patterns and routines are we willing to have broken so radically?

Perhaps such dramatic events are happening all around us and we fail to see... after all, "there is never nothing going on."

Thanks, Julie.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Sometimes Capitalism is for The Stupid

Today's News

"Google reported a 17 per cent rise in profits for the fourth quarter to $1.2 billion or $3.29 a share alongside a 51 per cent increase in sales.

Analysts were expecting profits of $4.45 per share.

Shares in the company fell by nearly 7 per cent at one point in after hours trading, or $36.90 to $527.40.

The shares are now nearly 30 per cent below the $747.24 all-time high in early November."

How far are we Capitalists (nations) gonna push the issue of making more and more and more and more and..........

We most always walk feeling like shit because of what could have been.

Now, Bill Gates wants to buy Yahoo- well there you go- another bandwagon to jump onto.

Here's another thought... "Peace sells, but who's buying?"

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