Friday, November 17, 2006

Another Reminder

A deep sense of things being the way they are.”

"…Things are the way they are. Allow them to be exactly the way they are. All the social consciousness stuff, the social, political, economic change-for-the-better stuff… let it go, allow things to be as they are, don’t resist, don’t hold on to your concept of good/bad, right/wrong.

Trust existence. Who is it that thinks she can improve upon existence? This is the thinker, the ego. Much arrogant mischief arises from this thinking. Existence is pure and perfect as it is. First things first.

Find out who you are first, then you will find your way in this world - with grace, with love, with understanding.

Then your eyes are open, you have access to the wisdom and love of the whole, and you will not be moving from ego fixation, from arrogance, aggression, want and fear. Instead you will flow with existence, the Tao. Your actions will be non-action, your doing will be non-doing. You will act in harmony with the whole moment to moment. And in this way, as a non-entity, you will be immensely helpful to others."

taken from a comment by Meredith at The Sound Of Diesel Musing; Meredith is quoting Akilesh

Why do we think circumstances and people
need to change to fit our expectations of reality?

What are we so afraid of?


Blogger Kathleen said...

the idea of separation creates fear... (which rises from the "i" thought) and it all rolls on from there... like a small particle of dust that is blown slightly by the breeze, which becomes a moving pebble... to a stone.. to a rock... to a boulder... and a landslide that tumbles out of control...

but the "i" thought is also who we are... just not all of it... so here we are again in the paradox of waking up to our own beingness... which we never left... and have always been...

"Find out who you are first, then you will find your way in this world - with grace, with love, with understanding."

Beatiful M... when we find out who we are... the scope opens wide... and we have a different orientation... the Heart... the Infinite Heart... this is our True Nature... this is who we are...

7:54 PM  
Blogger anonymous julie said...

I don't know but it always seems to come back to fear doesn't it?

"A deep sense of things being the way they are."

I like that.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Trev Diesel said...

I feel I still have much to learn from those who have studied Taoism - these truths you've shown us here... letting things be exactly as they are...

Thanks, tommy

5:49 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Can't add much more than what's been said in the Post and these comments.
Find out who you are is a good idea...
And live it with LOVE!

10:58 AM  

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