Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pearls of Iraq

My friend Miriam, of Pearls of Iraq, an aid worker currently on assignment in various regions in Iraq has been away from her blog for some time now. Recently, I received an email from her family saying she is safe and well. I also received two emails from Miriam herself in which she shares her thoughts in regard to her recent work in Kurdistan, which was covered by Kurdish and American television networks.

Miriam writes, “The people here are begging for conflict resolution, dialogue and peace building programs, directly, but there has been very little money appropriated for this.”

With regard to the ongoing conflict she writes, “I have seen many troops here. Most are babies, the same age as my sons… their faces, their hearts. We need to get them home, and not mixed up anymore in this place. This is the mother in me speaking. The truth is they are the only ones preventing an all out chaotic war.”

Miriam says she looks forward to the day she can return to her family here in the states and writes longingly of a favorite place in the northeast mountains where she will begin healing from all she has encountered and endured.

I wish you well, my friend. Come home soon. Soon you will be floating in the calming mountain water, staring up into the late afternoon sky. Thank you for all you have done, for your service to those in need.

You inspire me.

Want to change the world right now?

Sponsor a child in need through Kurdistan Save the Children/Kurdistan Children’s Fund (KSC/KCF). KSC/KCF started their Distant Sponsorship program in 1991. So far, nearly 2800 Iraqi and Kurdish children are sponsored, but there are still thousands who need your support.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking time from yor schedule for us,it truly is appreciated and your kind thoughts are a blessing to all of us.Peace be with you and your family allways. Pearls of Irag Family

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Irving Karchmar said...

A great post on a worthy cause. Miriam is a friend of mine also, as she is a regular contributor to the Sufis Without Borders yahoo group, when she can, and a brave and resourceful woman who really walks the walk for peace in many dangerous places.

May God bless her and watch over her!

6:27 PM  
Blogger jim said...

Great post. Thanks to you and your friends.

3:44 AM  

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