Monday, February 27, 2006

Life & Death

While about my work this weekend I came upon a wasp trapped and trying to escape against a closed window. I felt pity for the wasp and so I decided to try and help free it. I raised the window a few inches and directed the wasp downward and in between the glass and the screen. I then went out to the screen, removed it and watched as the wasp flew away.

Coming back indoors I walked through a spider’s web and as I was clearing the strands from my face and hair I accidentally crushed a tiny spider.


Blogger Jon said...

Tommy, thanks for coming back!

I've really missed your insights, even though you are a raving wasp-loving, spider-murdering fiend! :-)

Your WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Panentheist) friend,


10:37 PM  

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