Thursday, January 12, 2006

Country Boys

Filmmaker David Sutherland ("The Farmer's Wife") debut his new critically acclaimed six-hour documentary "Country Boys" on PBS's Frontline this past Monday. The documentary is a moving portrait of the trials and triumphs of Chris Johnson and Cody Perkins, two teenaged boys coming of age in eastern Kentucky's Appalachian hills.

The film was shot over three years (1999-2002), and tracks the dramatic stories of Chris and Cody from ages 15 to 18.

The lives of Cody, an orphaned heavy metal musician for Jesus who dreams of being a preacher and Chris, who is essentially abandoned by his alcoholic father and seemingly non- caring mother are linked with the story of the David School in David, Kentucky.

The David School is a high school for troubled adolescents, which operates solely, and quite effectively on outside contributions and volunteers.

I can't tell you how extraordinary this documentary is. The lives of Chris and Cody, their friends and family and the remarkable contributions of everyone affiliated with the David School will break every connotation ever attributed to rural Appalachian life and help one understand that dreaming makes life worth living for all beings. This film was a joy to watch with my wife. We were constantly moved by the articulate manner in which these boys shared their hopes, fears and dreams. You can watch the entire six hour series on for a limited time or order the DVD from


Blogger Rick said...

Fantastic documentary!

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