Monday, July 04, 2005

Independence Day

As we mark Independence Day I am thankful for those who are in harms way and for those who fought before to preserve the philosophy of a higher liberty. There are several thoughts with me regarding independence and I cannot help but think of personal independence and interdependence. I am reminded that Buddhist teachings show us we should be independent of our desire to attain that which we most seek.... to just be a witness of our desire to attain 'enlightenment'.

In truth, there is nothing to attain- we already are 'enlightened' but only to the degree which we are able to show compassion and kindness towards others. We are already awakened, only to the degree that we are able to know there is nothing outside of ourselves to attain. We are already one with the Clear Mind behind all. Now, all we are to do is live with kindness and compassion guiding our every action and word and enjoy the unfolding of this life.

Whatever comes, whatever occurs has its place and order. Thinking more into life, confusing ourselves with dogma, creeds and religious ecclesiastics no longer serves a purpose. We are free with the knowledge that we are one and that each of us plays a unique part all our own. In our freedom, we still need each other. This holds true for individuals as well as countries.



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