Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What Is Wisdom?

"Thinking about the past and future is all right if you understand what these things really are, but you must not get caught up in them. Treat them the same as you would anything else - don't get caught up. When you see thinking as just thinking, then that's wisdom. Don't believe in any of it! Recognize that all of it is just something that has arisen and will cease. Simply see everything just as it is - it is what it is - the mind is the mind - it's not anything or anybody in itself.

Happiness is just happiness, suffering is just suffering - it is just what it is. When you see this you will be beyond doubt."

Ajahn Chah

Here, like these words

they are just here, nothing special
in fact, I think while writing,
they rest,
lingering under smooth polish,
rounder spoon cradle- like stones,

each warbles, “continue
continue” as loved mercurially,

some exotic drenched dwelling
each rests, like stars in the sky counting,

first one and then one, then another
counting backwards from infinity-

who moves them in place,
skipping and skimming, riding a rusty nova

until we will never reach zero.


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