Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rachmaninoff’s Opus, 34 #14

In Graceful Presence (writers Meredith and Akilesh) Meredith writes on Light and Love and has this to say regarding the natural rhythms and relationships that quietly exist and surround us:

"There is not a time or season that light does not pour gently upon us. However, we are in an intimate and constant relationship between lightness and dark. Light illuminates dark, yet retains relationship with dark. Natures cycles, from night to day, from womb to birth, sorrow to joy, winter to spring light is always in relation in a dual nature with dark. In this, the sad/joyful heart, and again, love."

These are beautiful, reassuring words and they put me at ease with the very reading of them. It is only when we forget the great truth found in the natural relationship between light and darkness, and the forces within each of us that we become confused and thrown off- center.

Trevor writes in The Sound of Diesel Musing of waiting for perfection and that there is no more perfect moment than this very moment right now- no matter what the circumstances:

"See, I believe that physical existence/life is to be embraced, created, and lived, not overcome....I believe this world is of Divine Order - we are here for a reason: to experience life with all its pains, joys, sensations, relationships, and apparent tangledness. Life is for the living."

Both Merideth's and Trevor's thoughts have been lingering in my head for the time being and started me to think about something I've been wanting to write on (how seasons collide, lives collide- and yet, we continue on with the pleasure and the pain of existence.) This morning, while listening to Rachmaninoff's Opus, 34 #14 it all came together for me in a poem.

The words of Meredith and Trevor, the aching of the violin strings, the warm weather we were enjoying here that has disappeared with a cold snap, and thoughts on what we can hold on to and what can never be defined...all found a home in my thoughts and formed these words. Thanks M & T for your words and thoughts....

Winters Reemergence
Graying clouds are surrendering
yet, the damage has been done.
Even the crocus and ixia are mystified,
how can I lie
saying I am otherwise?

Vibrato string,
you too know of the
false hope in Winter,
how seasons are lulled,
how love springs from a petrified heart
and is nurtured,
tenderly cajoled into blooming-
Oh, sweet music of the soul,
you know
sing me this
song out of time.

Cold comes the morning,
icy fingers gather in,
there are no sighs in defeat,
the crocus could not stand
such a selfish kiss,
the green fades to loam-
this yearning aberrant
for understanding,
for empathy,
for being
other than
as I am,
as you are,
as all must be.


Blogger Joe said...

Your writing, photographs, poetry, your generous nature, the song coming from your heart, remind me of a passage from Pat Conroy's "The Prince of Tides"

"...But the black sounds, the black sounds Lord. When they toll within me, I am seized with a capacity for homage and wonder. I hear them and want to put my dreams to music. When they come I can feel an angel burning in my eye like a rose, and canticles of the most meticulous praise rise out of the clear submarine depths of secret ambient ecstasy."

11:57 PM  
Blogger Jon said...

Beautiful, Tommy.

9:25 AM  
Blogger isaiah said...

Thank you Akilesh- for your thoughts- and thank you for posting the Pat's really beautiful. Pat's a 'local boy'and is on the Island several times a year (lives here actually- or, should I say...has a 'place' here)signing books...(it's really strange to see him in Wal-Mart shopping).

My apologies for not crediting you as a contributor at "Graceful Presence." I see that your profile is would be nice to get to know you better someday.

Thanks, Jon... thanks for your kind words as well.

11:19 AM  

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