Monday, October 31, 2005

A Day At The Fair

Spent the day yeterday at the Coastal Empire Fair with Cathy, my father, Tommy and his friends Taylor and Tyler. Crystal clear blue skies and warm southerly breezes made for a wonderful afternoon's fun and the smiles on the faces of the boys, Cathy and my father warmed my heart and made my face muscles hurt from laughing and smiling at their joy.

The above picture is of the three boys (Tommy is on the left- reclining) with two dare devil motorcyclists who wowed the crowd by cycling inside a steel sphere with their attractive female assistant standing in the center! What a feat of nerves and courage. We all thought this was just trippy!

Special effects of an attraction in motion- although I wasn’t brave enough to ride this one- it did seem to be spinning as fast.

Three carnies posing for the cam. How much can three little boys spend on games and food? A Lot!

Cathy and the cutest little friend riding the Whirl-a-thingy.

Ferris wheel at night. Of course, the best part of any fair is staying until the lights come on and the eyes are treated to a festival of colors. The smell of cotton candy, candied apples, Polish sausage, onions & peppers, funnel cakes and Pizza filled the air…and the coffee, black & strong was the best!

I really like observing people, seeing the assortment and watching them interact with each other and have fun. I was reminded through observing the various ethnicities and ages mingling together at the fair that the language of joy is universal and the most easily communicated and understood. We all have more in common than at first perceived.


Blogger Trev Diesel said...

Your post made me smile! I love the descriptions and word-images of the festivities. Mmmmm.... polish sausage....

BTW - I'm sure you've heard this for years, but Tommy looks just like your wife. :)

3:40 PM  

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