Thursday, July 28, 2005


I am the owner of my emotions. No one else is responsible for how I feel.

I am the owner of my karma. All I do, say, and think has consequences.

I am responive to, but not responsible for the happiness of others and I look to no one else other than myself for my own happiness and peace of mind.

I can only live in higher awareness and have authentic power to the degree I choose to forgive others.

I believe each person holds the power to discover the Truth that exists in being centered and still-for themselves and by themselves. There is nothing that is not made known when we seek and when we ask.

I acknowledge a higher consciousness and energy, present in all things and that this Spirit is most evident in expressions of joy, peace, and stillness.

I acknowledge this presence “can do no more for me that it can do through me”.

I recognize a beautiful and mystical connection existing between all sentient beings and that we are, by design, interdependent upon the existence of each other and all living things. The eloquent dance I have been invited to attend must be inclusive of everyone and everything.

I understand all that happens in my life happens for a reason and that all outcomes are moving me closer to the realization of my wholeness.

I am more than my personality, possessions, and limitations- I am authentically empowered by how I choose to understand my purpose in existence and by how much love I create and acknowledge.

I accept that how I choose to live my life speaks louder than any words I can speak.

I affirm that death is nothing more than an illusion and is nothing to be feared in so much as I acknowledge fear has no reality in an existence within the all encompassing presence of Love.

I affirm there is no escaping the reunion of all beings with higher consciousness and Spirit and that this homecoming with Love is the true “second coming” and is nothing more than our arrival into the gentle arms of our higher-Self.

No kudos of any sort are needed nor desired in my posting of this personal manifesto. I have not discovered something that I am seeking to teach to others- this Truth is known, present and waiting for each person to realize more fully. The purpose is in expressing onlyand in realizing that our expression is our gift from Spirit and that what we withhold and do not allow to flow through us, for whatever reason, interferes with divine order.

I believe each of us must decide how we choose to see; each of us must open our eyes to some reality. This is the reality that makes most sense to me and in my posting, my intention is to allow others to know me more fully, and have the courage to come to know themselves and understand their gifts more fully through their expression. There is courage in abandoning the smaller self and in trusting in and expressing one's gifts.

I believe we are here, on this plane of existence to realize who we really are and to exercise our authentic power for each other’s well being instead of using force against each other for our own selfish benefit.



Blogger Trev Diesel said...

I post a reply, not for Kudos...

...but just to say "We hear you."

2:33 PM  
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